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Your route to more personalised migraine care

About your Migraine Activity Profile

Completing your Migraine Activity Profile is easy and should only take a few minutes of your time. Simply answer a series of intuitive questions about your experience with migraine to map out your journey so far. Your responses will uncover how migraine attacks affect you, potentially giving you a clearer outlook on your condition.

Sharing your results with your doctor will help them better understand your:



Treatment goals

This important first step will help you start having more focused conversations with your doctor, arriving at a care plan that’s suitable to your needs and wants.

How MyMAP works

For each question, select or type an answer that best describes your experience with migraine. There are no right or wrong answers; being honest will only help you get a better understanding of your condition.

At the end, you will get your personalised Migraine Activity Profile to help you discuss your migraine journey with your doctor at your next appointment.

Before you get started, it would help to have handy the names of any medications you have been taking for your migraine, including prescription and over-the-counter. Don’t worry if you can’t quite remember them now, you can get your doctor’s help in identifying them at your next appointment.

Please note that we do not store any of your personal information, so your answers will be lost if you exit without downloading your results.

Make the most of MyMAP

Understanding the impact of migraines and working to effectively manage them begins with mapping out their complexities. With MyMAP, you can now paint a picture of your migraine experience on one page, with the aim of making your consultations with healthcare professionals more productive and personalised.

Discover the key facts surrounding migraine and discover how to make the most of MyMAP.

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This website has been developed and funded by AbbVie and is intended for UK audiences only. This resource is not intended to provide or replace expert medical advice.

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