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Migraine is a severe and painful long-term health condition. If you have migraine you will have migraine attacks, which can be a whole-body experience. Common symptoms can include: head pain, sensitivity to light, sounds and smell, nausea, vomiting and lethargy.1

Migraine Activity Profile

Map your migraine journey so far and set goals for the future.

MyMAP in action

The MyMAP questionnaire is intuitive and relatively easy to use. Watch the video below to discover how it works and try it out.

MyMigraine resources

Explore the two interactive questionnaires that are part of MyMigraine.

Map your migraine attacks for a clearer outlook

MyMap (My Migraine Activity Profile) is a new interactive resource that maps your migraine journey so far, so that your healthcare professional can better understand how migraine affects you, your care needs and preferences.

Identify your migraine

MigraineID is a screening resource designed to help you and your healthcare professional assess if you may have Chronic Migraine. Uncovering any potential patterns and frequencies in your condition can help a healthcare professional recommend possible ways to manage your migraine.

September 2023


1. Migraine Trust. What is migraine? Accessed August 2023.

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This website has been developed and funded by AbbVie and is intended for UK audiences only. This resource is not intended to provide or replace expert medical advice.

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